INL hosted a two-day gathering focused on Functional Layered Materials

June 21, 2024

Between June 18 and 19, INL hosted a two-day action promoted by FUNLAYERS – a twinning initiative led by INL.

The programme brought together stakeholders from academia, the private sector, and policymakers to engage with two actions.

On the first day, participants delved into insightful talks and lively discussions on spin-based applications and energy storage. The exchange of ideas led to a fruitful discussion on the latest developments and future perspectives for Functional Layered Materials.

The second day was dedicated to a hands-on session focused on writing a sound proposal under the MCSA Postdoctoral Fellowships. The workshop gathered young researchers, grant experts, and experienced scientists in a vibrant and insightful ideation exercise.

These actions aimed to establish the foundations for facilitating knowledge sharing and cooperation between relevant actors in the field.