INL Quality Management System

The permanent search for high-quality standards and collaborators’ satisfaction is within our DNA. We recognize that quality is a concern of each and every one of our staff members, who are deeply involved in the deployment of our quality culture.

We are fully committed to operational excellence and continuous improvement in order to deliver results of exceptional value, strengthening INL sustainability through the valorisation of its critical knowledge.

Quality Policy

INL is committed to:

  • Becoming a worldwide reference on R&D oriented towards Nanoscience;
  • Deploying knowledge to the business world and for the benefit of society;
  • Strengthen INL sustainability through the valorisation of knowledge;
  • Ensuring continuous improvement of its operational performance;
  • Fostering creativity and orientation to market;
  • Assuring compliance with rules and regulations.

INL has implemented an Integrated Management System, which is planned and defined in a manner that meets INL’s strategic orientation, Quality Policy and defined objectives.