A fully integrated platform for DNA analysis was developed at INL to identify food frauds, allergenic ingredients and pathogens

May 11, 2023

INL – International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory researchers developed a fully integrated platform for DNA-based analysis with interesting applications for food authenticity and for the detection of foodborne pathogens and allergenic ingredients.

DNA-based methods are an attractive detection alternative presenting high specificity, sensitivity, and stability. The miniaturisation of DNA-based techniques can bring relevant advantages for food analysis such as the portability of complex analytical procedures.

The platform developed at INL – International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory enables advanced DNA analysis in an easy-to-use format, requiring minimum interaction from an operator, thus avoiding the possibility of contamination. The system uses disposable cartridges, and has low maintenance and low costs, being an innovative solution for decentralised analysis at the different points of need – farms, the food industry, and cultivars.

This monitoring system was jointly developed by researchers from the Food Quality and Safety and the Technology Engineering Groups, the latter one being financed by EngineerIT, a project under the framework NORTE 2020. Replicas of such platforms were produced under the scope of the HIBA project, an interregional POCTEP project.