Advanced Materials and Computing

Advanced Materials and Computing

INL Cluster

Aiming to reach beyond the forefront of knowledge by highly exploratory research, we focus in areas of advanced materials and computing where INL has the suited facilities, knowledge, and ecosystems developed for exploratory research.

Exploring novel properties of new low-dimensional and bio-inspired materials as well as combinations and structures of these, both experimentally and theoretically, we are paving the way to:

  • Design and study new instrumentation and methods enabling novel material/structure tailored with atomic precision,
  • Explore new paradigms in computing technologies, such as neuromorphic computing based on spintronic devices and/or brain-inspired photonics and quantum computing based on photon Qubits,
  • Develop technologies for quantum-sensing, quantum-imaging, and new materials and surfaces exhibiting non-trivial electronic or plasmonic properties, providing disruptive toolsets for the future.

Atomically Precise Materials

We aim to understand low-dimensional materials, 1D and 2D van der Waals heterostructures, point defects, and ways of assembly with atomic-scale precision.

New Paradigms for Computing

We develop neuromorphic devices for the next-generation computational technologies which mimic our energy-efficient highly-productive brain functions.

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