Advanced Electron Microscopy

Advanced Electron Microscopy

The Advanced Electron Microscopy, Imaging & Spectroscopy (AEMIS) facility is a core multi-user facility that features cutting-edge instrumentation, techniques and expertise required for the characterization of samples in the physical and life sciences.

This facility focuses on materials and biological research, the development of novel techniques and instrumentation, as well as providing training, technical support and consultation in the areas of electron microscopy and spectroscopy. The centre facility houses several electron microscopes that can probe the physical, electronic, biological, and chemical structure of matter down to the atomic scale.

These instruments are coupled with advanced in-situ holders, in which the environment is controlled to match near-realistic conditions of operation, and the sample’s behaviour is recorded dynamically in real time. State-of-the-art support facilities also are available, including standard specimen preparation equipment and an image analysis laboratory.

  • Probe-Corrected FEI Titan G2 80-200 kV ChemiSTEM
    Double-Corrected FEI Titan G3 Cubed Themis 60-300 kV
    JEOL JEM 2100 80-200 kV

  • FEI Helios NanoLab 450S DualBeam – FIB with UHREM FEG-SEM

    FEI Quanta 650 FEG Environmental SEM (including Peltier and Heating Stage)

  • FEI MEMS-based TEM heating and electrical holder
    2 Gatan Cryo-TEM holders (FEI and JEOL microscopes)

  • Thermo Scientific Escalab 250 Xi

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