Smart Digital Nano-Systems

Smart Digital Nano-Systems

INL Cluster

A digital society is a reality that already exists and makes part of our daily lives. But the digital transformation is an ongoing process which is far from being finished. New and emerging paradigms like the Internet of Things (IoT), Industry 5.0, Digital Health and Smart Cities rely on an unprecedented convergence between hardware and software. We make this possible by developing new disruptive devices and new system architectures.

We pursue scientific excellence and explore the outcome of this research by developing and deploying full technological solutions tailored to the needs of external partners. Our core set of technologies relevant to the next generation of information and communication technologies are: 

Graphene Devices

Atomically thin layers can be transferred to full wafers and used to make functional devices.


Microelectromechanical systems take advantage of scale factors to produce ultra-sensitive sensors and actuators.

Photonic Devices

Photonic nanoscale integrated devices that combine on-chip multi-functionalities for energy-efficient emission, transmission, detection and sensing, and processing of light signals.


Devices that explore the spin, rather than the charge of the electron, as a way to collect, communicate and process information.

Autonomous sensor networks

Modular technology platforms can produce wireless and autonomous sensor networks capable of operating in many environments, depending on the application.

Systems integration

Sensors must be installed minimally invasive, integrated, cable-free, capable of operating with virtually no maintenance costs, and with minimal environmental impact.

Beyond CMOS

Efficient data processing and integrating novel and non-conventional technologies with conventional CMOS are key for further developments in this area.


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