ASCENTPlus promotes better access to Nanoelectronics infrastructures

November 11, 2020

A total of 15 partners from all over Europe, being INL among them, are joining efforts to Integrate major European Nanoelectronics Infrastructures by enabling users from across the world to address emerging research challenges and accelerate innovation path-finding in this field.

The next-generation electronics will demand even more scientific and technological paradigm shifts.

Both strong trends and weak signals in More Moore, More-than-Moore, Beyond CMOS, Quantum Technologies, among others, require new concepts to be invented, new materials and their fundamental properties to be understood, and new fundamental principles to be explored.

The ASCENTPlus Project will foster a culture of co-operation between research infrastructures, scientific communities, industries, and other stakeholders as appropriate, to help develop a more efficient and attractive European Research Area. It will also support scientific communities in their access to the identified key research infrastructures, and improve, in quality and/or quantity, the integrated services provided at the European level by the infrastructures involved.

The ASCENT Starting Community has over 400 members in 42 countries. The ambition is to quintuple the ASCENT+ Advanced Community membership through the extended network of over 3,700 academic and industry organizations of the ASCENT+ Community Network partners. Together with further integration of major European Access Providers into a seamless infrastructure, this will update the ASCENT+ vision to become a world-leading Research Infrastructure with a global impact in the Nanoelectronics Innovation Ecosystem.