#BatterySummit | Second day of the INL Battery Summit strengthens the need for swift action

March 24, 2021

Just one day was not enough to discuss all the aspects involving the creation of a battery value chain in the Iberian Peninsula. That is why the second part of the INL Battery Summit, on March 23rd, was a renewed opportunity to engage all the ones interested in promoting a greener and more resilient Europe.

In the opening session, the Portuguese Deputy Minister and Secretary of State of Energy, João Galamba, called for “a joint action” and a “greater diversification of energy sources”, while “providing incentives to research and development”.

Representing the Ministry for the Environment and the Energetic Transition, João Galamba added that “the EU Battery Alliance is essential, and the green mining is paramount”, announcing that the Portuguese Government is “in the final review stage of the legislation that will guarantee a sustainable and environmentally friendly extraction” of critical raw materials.

In one of the sessions, the Battery 2030+ Project Coordinator, Kristina Edström brought to the table the challenge of educating people. “We need to prepare them for the future, we need to inspire young researchers for the battery area, so they feel inspired to follow this path”.

In the closing remarks, INL Director-General, Lars Montelius, stressed the need for Europe to speak in one voice on the topic of batteries, “to have a greater capacity for innovation and, consequently, to be more competitive worldwide”.

The INL Battery Summit was closed by the Portuguese Minister of Science, Technology, and Higher Education. Manuel Heitor said that “we know how important it will be to promote green thinking and make sure, including in the Iberian Peninsula, due to the existence of lithium in the North of Portugal, that we bring new scientific thoughts and new knowledge” while demonstrating that “it is possible to extract lithium in macro quantities without putting the environment at risk”.

You can re-watch the Battery Summit – Day 2 by clicking below!