Celebrating 15 Years of Exemplary Leadership: Farewell to INL Deputy Director General, Prof. Paulo Freitas

January 25, 2024

Yesterday, in a tribute to an extraordinary 15-year journey marked by unwavering dedication, the INL team organised a unique farewell celebration for its esteemed Deputy Director General, Prof. Dr. Paulo Jorge Peixeiro de Freitas.

INL DDG, Prof. Dr. Paulo Freitas has been a driving force behind the success and growth of our institution, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of colleagues, collaborators, and the entire community. His visionary leadership, commitment to excellence, and tireless efforts have elevated INL – International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory to new heights.

The ceremony commenced with warm reflections and memories from Prof. José Rivas and Prof. Lars Montelius – previous Directors-General, members of the INL council and members of the installation committee, and also team members lauding his transformative leadership, mentorship and the positive impact he had on both professional and personal development. In a surprise announcement, INL DG – Prof. Clivia Sotomayor-Torres, revealed that the institution had decided to rename the auditorium in honor of Prof. Dr. Paulo Freitas. Henceforth, it will be known as the “Auditorium Paulo Freitas.” This gesture serves as a lasting tribute to his remarkable legacy.

Prof. Paulo Freitas got his Degree in Physics from the University Porto in 1981, followed by a PhD in Physics from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh in 1986. After a postdoctoral appointment at IBM T.J.Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, in 1988 he joined INESC where he created the Solid State Technology Group, later INESC Microsystems and Nanotechnologies, and in 1990 joined IST-Lisbon, where he is presently Full Professor of Physics.

Since 2008 he has been the Deputy Director General of the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory. Research focused on nanotechnologies, spintronics, and applications in sensing, health and smart farming. He has authored/co-authored over 500 research articles, and several patents, and advised about 20 PhD students. He is also active in the technology transfer and innovation arenas, fostering collaborations between RTOs and companies.

Colleagues, friends, and well-wishers gathered to express their appreciation for his impact during the last 15 years. Prof. Paulo Freitas has been a pivotal figure since the beginning, leaving an undeniable imprint on the core of INL.

Watch the full ceremony here.

Text by: Gina Palha, Communication, Conferences & Marketing Officer
Photography by: Patrícia Barroso, Communication, Conferences & Marketing Officer and Catarina Moura, Science Communication Officer