Closing event of the Baterias2030 Project

June 29, 2023

The closing event of the Baterias2030 took place yesterday at gnration, in Braga with all the partners and Braga City Council.

Since 2018 and during the last years, the team involved in the Baterias2030 focused the work on the development of technologies applied to batteries of the future and their transfer to the urban environment. The project’s strategic goal was based on disruptive solutions, reliable, sustainable, easily scalable, capable of being integrated throughout the value chain and accessible to the consumer and was aligned with European strategies in terms of decarbonization and sustainable cities, and the coordination with technological agendas to ensure the strategic positioning of the Batteries 2030 in the national panorama.

23 entities took part in the consortium of the Baterias2030 project which was conceived based on energy storage and production technologies with a high potential to evolve beyond the current state-of-the-art and the willingness on the part of business and scientific co-drivers to collaborate and contribute in terms of the development of technologies and/or their application in the market. The last years also counted on the collaboration of the Braga City Council in the implementation of the living laboratory for decarbonization.

According to Pedro Salomé “…today we finished the project with several demonstrators in a living laboratory in downtown Braga. By joining together 23 partners we demonstrated that a battery ecosystem is possible in Portugal that can help Iberia and Europe with new products and innovations in the energy and storage areas.”

Pedro also added that “in terms of Research and Development, the activities performed by the 23 entities that took part in the consortium of the Baterias2030 partners opened the door to several other activities, from European Horizon Europe projects to large recovery and resilience industrial oriented projects. An example of such an industrial-oriented project that INL participates in is the New Generation Storage project where the continuation of creating a battery ecosystem in Portugal continues to be a main driver.