Carlos Gonçalves


Water Quality

Carlos Gonçalves has been a Research Fellow in the Water Quality Research Group at the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory since 2023. His current research activities aim at demonstrating the efficiency of innovative nanomaterials and microdevices for the detection and removal of environmental and food contaminants.

He graduated in pharmaceutical sciences and obtained a PhD degree in the speciality of Hydrology at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Porto. Over the years, he conducted research in environmental and food chemistry (IDAEA-CSIC, SP; Univ. of Ioannina, GR; and EC-JRC, BE), lectured hydrology and organic chemistry (FFUP, PT) and worked in a water quality control lab (IAREN, PT). In environmental chemistry, his research focused on the development of advanced analytical methods for the determination of priority (e.g. pesticides) and emerging pollutants (e.g. pharmaceuticals), environmental monitoring, fate studies and ecotoxicity. In food chemistry, his research targeted the development of mass spectrometry-based methods for the analysis of mycotoxins, plant toxins, additives and contaminants in food and feed, proficiency testing and standardization of official methods (CEN) to support the EU legislation and tackle food safety crisis. He served as a scientific/technical project officer at the EU Reference Labs for mycotoxins, feed additives and food contact materials at the DG Joint Research Centre of the European Commission. C. Gonçalves published >40 scientific papers (22 as 1st author), 7 book chapters, 11 science-to-policy reports and delivered 21 oral communications at international conferences. He is always keen to apply his expertise in sample preparation, chromatography and mass spectrometry in different fields.

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