Carlos Rosário


Nanostructured Solar Cells

Carlos Rosário is a Research Fellow in the Laboratory for Nanostructured Solar Cells (LaNaSC), where he is performing research on topological insulators grown by molecular beam epitaxy under an ERA Individual Postdoctoral Fellowship with the project “TopRooT”. The project aims to implement topological insulators in novel electronic devices for room-temperature operation. He is interested in exploring the physics of electronic devices for energy-efficient electronics and neuromorphic computing.

Carlos was awarded a PhD degree (European Doctorate) in Physical Engineering from the University of Aveiro in 2020, having spent two years at the RWTH Aachen University in the Electronic Materials Research Lab (EMRL). During his PhD, he focused on the fabrication and characterization of oxide-based memristive (resistive switching) devices, mainly through electrical transport measurements. After the PhD, he was a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Twente, working on resistive switching devices, quantum transport in topological insulators and scanning SQUID microscopy in the Interfaces and Correlated Electrons (ICE) research group (2021-2022). He came to INL in early 2023 to pursue research on topological insulators.

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