Martin Lopez Garcia

Research Group Leader

Natural and Artificial Photonic Structures and Devices

Dr. Martin Lopez Garcia leads the Natural and Artificial Photonic Structures (NAPS)  at INL. His main activities are  to study  light-matter interactions in natural nanostructures and the development of biomimetic strategies for photonic applications. He is particularly interested in the role of natural photonic structures in phototrophic organisms and how light management at the nanoscale in living organisms can lead to more effective, adaptable and sustainable technologies.  

Martin received his degree in Physics by the University of Santiago de Compostela-USC in Spain and a PhD in applied physics by the Material Science Institute of Madrid (ICMM-CSIC) and USC. From 2012 to 2017 he was a Research Associate at the University of Bristol (UK)   where he participated in the development of photonic devices for quantum technologies and the study of the biophysical properties of photonic structures in plants and algae. He joined INL in 2017 where he funded the NAPS Research Group. 


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