Miguel Xavier

Staff Researcher

Medical Devices

Miguel Xavier is a Staff Researcher at the Medical Devices Research Group at the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory. Miguel’s work revolves around the development and application of novel microfluidic device designs to tackle some of the greatest health challenges of today’s society. Miguel’s interests include microfluidics, single-cell studies, and organ-on-chip and one of his current research goals includes studying circulating tumour cells from breast cancer patients to unravel patterns of cellular aggressiveness driving the onset of metastasis.

Miguel obtained his PhD in 2018 from the University of Southampton. In 2017, Miguel received the Gold Medal for Excellence in Engineering at the STEM for Britain competition at the Houses of Parliament. He has authored numerous publications in the field, 10 of which as first author. Miguel thrives to become a world leader in microfluidics applied to Life Sciences, hoping to contribute towards superior healthcare with a direct impact on people’s quality of life.

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