Sara Oliveira

Staff Researcher

Food Processing and Nutrition

Sara M. Oliveira is a Staff Researcher at the INL in the Food Processing and Nutrition Group. Her main research topics are food additive manufacturing and cellular agriculture. Employing an interdisciplinary approach, Sara's research focus is future and personalized food solutions promoting health and well-being.

Sara Oliveira received her MSc in Biomedical Eng. (2010) and her PhD in Bioengineering Systems (MIT-Portugal Program, 2014) from the University of Minho. For example, she fabricated cell instructive structures such as 3D printed scaffolds for bone tissue engineering in the 3B’s Research Group and hybrid systems at the BIOtech (University of Trento, Italy). She joined INL as a Research Fellow in 3D Food Printing (2016).  Sara authored over 20 peer-reviewed publications and book chapters in both tissue and food engineering (h-index 17), a science report (“You are what of Meat”), and a PCT request. Sara has been an invited speaker for over ten national/international conferences, participated in multiple outreach reactivities and (co-)/supervised students. She was the scientific project manager (SPM) of the M3aTD project– a 3D bioprinted system for cell-based meats design, granted by the Good Food Institute (2020-22). She is the internal SPM of the InsectERA PRR project (2023-25) led by Ingredient Odyssey and of the FEASTS project funded by the EU led by the IST-ID.

Sara is a founding partner of CellAgri Portugal and co-chair of the International Conference of CellAgri Portugal. 

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