Vinícius Silva

Research Engineer

Nanofabrication, Optoelectronics and Energy Applications

Vinícius Silva is a Research Engineer affiliated with the Nanofabrication, Optoelectronics, and Energy Applications (NOA) group. His research focus primarily revolves around the fields of Computer Vision and Machine Learning, particularly within the energy applications sector.
In 2023, Vinícius successfully earned his PhD in Electronics and Computer Engineering, with his thesis spanning the domains of Affective Computing and Machine Learning applied to Social Robotics. This accomplishment underscores his commitment to advancing knowledge in areas that directly impact human-machine interaction.
Beyond his role as a Research Engineer, Vinícius is actively contributing to academia as a guest professor at both the University of Minho and IPCA. Furthermore, he is a member collaborator of the Algoritmi Research Centre, highlighting his engagement in cutting-edge research initiatives.

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