How did Nanotechnology help you today?

May 4, 2021

Nanotechnology has been identified as one of the key enabling technologies (KET) of the present and the future thus underlining the significance of this field for Europe’s competitiveness and its ability to provide the innovative goods and services essential for meeting global challenges.

In particular, nanotechnology offers substantial possibilities for improving the competitive position of the EU and for responding to key societal challenges. Ensuring the safe and sustainable development and application of nanotechnologies is thus a key objective.

Several cross-cutting issues continue and need to be addressed to promote the growth of the nanotechnology industry.

These cross-cutting issues include:

  • the regulatory framework for nanotechnologies, coupled to the important issue of standardization to promote good practice and to facilitate communication;

  • the innovation/value chain for environmental health and safety and innovation and means to ‘unblock’ the value chain;

  • the development of infrastructures for nanosafety to promote research, education, and innovation; and,

  • international collaboration and global dialogue, with a view towards a global research area in nanosafety, along with,

  • communication and dissemination of research to key stakeholders beyond the research community, including industry, regulatory bodies, and others.

EuroNanoForum starts tomorrow and you will be able to join the discussions, address several issues and work on closing the gap between nanotechnology research and markets, and realize the potential contribution to sustainable growth, competitiveness, environment, highly skilled jobs and increased quality of life.

We want to leverage the large-scale market introduction of innovative, safe, and sustainable nano-enabled products. There is tremendous potential for nanotechnology to provide answers to almost all societal solutions and it is therefore of critical importance to incorporate nanosafety into the development of novel nanotechnologies and products – safety before design.

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