Final Meeting of the cLabel+ Project

June 3, 2023

The closing session of the cLabel+ project took place last week, in the Auditorium of TECMAIA – Maia Science and Technology Park. “cLabel+: Innovative natural, nutritious and consumer-oriented “clean label” foods” was a research and technological development project focused on responding to the challenges facing the food industry, focusing on the concept of “clean label”, which arises as one of the major current trends in the sector, given the growing number of consumers who are increasingly aware and eager for information, who are looking for alternative, more transparent and natural food products.

20 entities took part in the cLabel+ project consortium, namely 8 companies linked to the agri-food sector and 12 non-business entities from the R&I system, which INL – International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory is part and all have extensive experience in this sector and ensure the necessary research to respond to the challenges posed.

Each of the entities involved enriched the consortium with nuclear key competencies for the successful development of the PPS and, consequent fulfilment of the objectives and goals set. The various entities have a strong knowledge of the agri-food sector at a global level, which is reflected in the various national and international R&D projects in which they are involved.

INL’s work focused on developing new strategies to reduce sugar in food products and developing clean-label mayonnaises. INL also contributed to the development of new methodologies to stabilise natural colourants. Besides the excellent results, the project allowed great learning with the different stakeholders in the area of clean-label food products.

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