October 13, 2020


We are pleased to announce that AMIRES and Fraunhofer-FEP are organising a Workshop on ‘Applications and Industrialisation of Functional Polymer Films, Paper and Membranes’. The event will be held on 21st October 2020 (9.30 – 14.00) with a possibility for virtual participation. 

Structured into two sessions with specific emphasis on the sustainable and smart packaging and smart plastic films for design, optics and security, the workshop targets SMEs, Start-ups and Mid-caps, innovative companies or traditional industries willing to introduce and integrate these materials into their products. The event will include presentations of representatives of leading industry’s who will give a talk about the latest trends and share their visions about high-impact future innovative solutions in the respective field. 

The workshop is organised in the framework of “FlexFunction2Sustain” project which aims to enable novel solutions and products for plastic and paper-based flexible materials and films. The project will integrate the existing European infrastructures into an Open Innovation Test Bed (OITB) in order to operate in open access mode and serve customers from along the value chain. FlexFunction2Sustain OITB will not only support the market acceptance of these novel products and related technologies, but it will also ensure those prototype ideas from European companies will have the possibility of reaching a semi-industrial scale in a short time. Learn more about FlexFunction2Sustain