The main aim of DIGIRAS is to close knowledge gap by digitalization of parameters and processes in RAS, which in turn will lead to more sustainable production under special attention of fish health and welfare. The following major objectives in DIGIRAS reflect the multidisciplinary character of the project:

  1. Detailed information on microbial communities in RAS and on the cultivated fish
  2. Development of new high-resolution and ultra-sensitive biological and chemical sensor technology for RAS
  3. Systematic high-resolution analysis of chemical water quality parameters in RAS
  4. Development of innovative methods for real-time monitoring of fish welfare
  5. Monitoring fish health in operational and experimental studies
  6. Improving water quality in RASs using innovative treatment strategies
  7. Integrating multidisciplinary data and development of decision support and management tools for RAS

Total Eligible Budget

1,940,000.00 €

INL Eligible Budget

99,568.00 €

Total Funding

29,082,023.00 €

INL Funding

99,568.00 €

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