Innovation in food packaging is a key strategy for the European Commission in order to reduce the environmental footprint of packaging materials and the food waste. YPACK comprises the scale-up and the commercial validation of two innovative biodegradable food packaging solutions within the current EU social, economic and regulatory framework. These solutions will be developed to maintain or extend the shelf life of foodstuffs, reduce the food waste and minimize the environmental impact of packaging taking in account at the same time the market trends. These alternatives will be assessed and validated in fresh products (meat, fruits and vegetables), some of the most significant generators of food waste. The main objective of YPACK is the pre-industrial scale up and validation of two innovative food packaging solutions (thermoformed tray and flow pack bag) based on PHA, with active and passive barrier properties. New packaging will use food industry by-products, and assure the biodegradability and recyclability, in the frame of the EU Circular Economy strategy.

Total Eligible Budget

5,999,653.52 €

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344,690.00 €

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5,999,653.52 €

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344,690.00 €

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IA Innovation action

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SC2 – Food security, sustainable agriculture and forestry, marine, maritime and inland water research and the bioeconomy

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