“Give peace a chance!” message from INL Director-General Lars Montelius

March 4, 2022

Science has proven to act as a platform for dialogue even in times of war. Science has no borders. Science unites people. We at INL continue to embrace and promote scientific collaboration across the world as a driver for peace. These statements are so clear – and so obvious.

At this moment, our thoughts – all our thoughts – are directed towards those affected by the ongoing war in Ukraine: the people who suffer – whether being still in Ukraine or not – and to their families and friends worldwide. We extend our deepest sympathy and solidarity at this difficult time to those fighting, being injured or losing their lives while we speak.

Our thoughts – all our thoughts – go to our members of staff, students, associates, and friends from Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus. They are the most affected ones. But all of us INLers – united for the cause to contribute to societal development – we are all united – united in condemning the invasion of Ukraine.

Without diminishing the war in Ukraine, we also recognize that the war in Europe has more dimensions and more frontiers. Some being fought by weapons and some being fought by other means, threatening democracy, free rights and equality principles – in short, threatening our ethical values and our concerns for other people. And even in these difficult times, we must remember other large challenges ahead of us. We INLers – and all people on earth – need to work side by side and meet these challenges – united and strong.

We hope for a soon ending of the war in Ukraine, an ending that will allow the Ukrainian people to express their rights to decide by themselves on their future. An ending that does not bring death, injury and destruction to any other people.