IBM-QuantaLab School on Quantum Computing 2018

October 20, 2018


The IBM-QuantaLab School aims to provide both an overview of the current status of quantum computation as well as the potential for applications of quantum computing.

Organised by IBM Research and QuantaLab and sponsored by Nanogateway, the School includes the participation of 6 researchers from IBM Zurich, one of the world-leading institutions in the fabrication of the first commercially available quantum computers, and several experts on different areas of Quantum Information, Condensed Matter Physics and Computer Science.

The scope of the school will be to provide an Introduction to Quantum Computing, being the main objectives:

– To provide an introductory description of the main notions and the massive potential of quantum computing, as well as some basic notions of the hardware of IBM quantum computers.

– To provide hands-on technical training, using the IBM Quantum Experience hardware.

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