i-Grape International Workshop

July 11, 2022

i-Grape team is organizing the International Workshop on July 18, 2022, at INL – International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory in a hybrid format. During this International Workshop, different scientists and industry representatives will discuss together the outputs of the i-Grape project, as well as the present and the future of Precision Viticulture with contributions from the different latitudes of the world of wine.


i-GRAPE aims at developing a new generation of analytical methods for stand-alone, on-the-field control of the grape maturation phase and vine hydric stress, based on highly integrated photonic components and modules (wafer and wafer/package level micro-spectrometers). In a highly competitive market, to achieve high-quality wines, measuring and monitoring vine hydric stress, and the grape ripening process with simple, rapid and cost-effective techniques will allow the winemaker to control irrigation in the latest steps of grape maturation, and plan the harvest at the optimum time, therefore, optimizing wine quality at the end of the wine value chain.

The i-GRAPE approach complies, through the development of innovative integrated photonic components and modules, with the needs of a low-cost, reliable, sensitive, stable and high throughput analysis that interconnected with communications and signal processing electronics, can bring the process control of grape maturation into the hands of the winemaker.

And the long-term i-GRAPE vision is to bring the ‘lab” to the vine, and the parameters pertaining to vine and grape control to the home base station on the farm, without human intervention and it can only be achieved by developing smarter and modular systems that allow for future integration of cost-effective multi-mode sensors.