INL associates with Golden September

September 3, 2019


The International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory joined the global initiative Golden September, the International Awareness Month for Childhood Cancer, in collaboration with ACREDITAR, the Portuguese Association of Children with Cancer Parents and Friends.

As an intergovernmental research organization focused on addressing major societal issues, INL has several research groups working on finding new and faster ways to diagnose and treat cancer. For this reason, and because INL is committed with its community, it makes all sense to be part of this movement, also officially supported by the Portuguese President of the Republic.

For the whole month, the Golden Ribbon – symbol for this global campaign – will be displayed at INL Front Desk as a statement for all the ones who visit our headquarters, and as a call for action to support the rights of children with cancer worldwide. INL will also sell golden ribbons internally for a symbolic value – 2€. The total amount will be donated to ACREDITAR.