INL Director-General awarded with Braga’s Gold Medal of Municipal Merit

December 2, 2020

The Braga City Council announced the decision of awarding INL Director-General, Lars Montelius, with the Gold Medal of Municipal Merit.

This is the first time that such honour is conceded to a foreign citizen by the Municipality of Braga, the city where INL – International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory is headquartered.

Since taking over the Directorate-General of INL in 2014, Professor Lars Montelius has made a decisive contribution to the sustained growth of this important research institution based in the city of Braga, unequivocally reinforcing its interaction with the business community and openness throughout the Community,” says Ricardo Rio, Mayor of Braga.

Braga Mayor adds that “in this context, it is worth highlighting the personal contributions to the County’s economic development, its internationalisation, the reinforcement of its external visibility and the attractiveness of a significant range of highly qualified professionals and companies. His commitment to the city that has welcomed him has also been reflected in several proactive initiatives to support projects to strengthen the sustainability of the territory, stimulate innovation and disseminate science, among educational communities and the population in general”.


A personal distinction that also awards INL

Lars Montelius, INL Director-General since 2014, expresses gratitude for the distinction: “I am very honoured to receive the Gold Medal of Municipal Merit from Braga. And I am especially honoured and grateful since I have been informed that I am the first non-Portuguese to receive this high recognition. Braga is for me something very special, that I hold close to my heart. I am very proud to be part of the vibrant Braga development. This recognition is not only a recognition of my work but also a recognition of the dedicated and passionate work from the whole team at INL. This makes me, as DG of INL, double proud to receive the Medal. Thank you all! And Thanks to Braga. A home away from home”.

The medal-laying ceremony, with a limited audience due to the pandemic, will be held on December 9th, at Forum Braga, to award individuals and institutions for their relevant services to the city and the community.