INL DG pays tribute to a forgotten enabler: vacuum

August 14, 2018


Lars Montelius, Director-General (DG) of INL was interviewed by Physics World as President of IUVSTA – International Union for Vacuum Science, Technique and Applications and took the opportunity to underline the irreplaceable relevance of vacuum to modern science.

By the occasion of IUVSTA 60th Anniversary, INL DG was happy to acknowledge that vacuum is now a technique so common which unfortunately leads to people to forget about how important it is. “Simply speaking, without vacuum many industries would not exist”, giving the semiconductor industry as an example.

Nanotechnology is also a major beneficiary from the vacuum since it “is important if you want to understand materials at a very small scale”. And all this starts from a paradox: most of the things you now take for granted and so significantly changed your life for the better came from the void enabled by vacuum.

And speaking about paradoxes, in this interview, Lars Montelius also notes “there is a gap emerging between being a heavy user of technology and being interested in contributing to developing that technology further”, adding that we need to “get more people into the field”. You can read the full interview here.