INL hosts ASCENT+ Research Accelerator Program

February 5, 2024

In January, the INL Research Core Facilities – Micro and Nanofabrication (MNF) and Advanced Electron Microscopy, Imaging & Spectroscopy (AEMIS) – hosted a special event focused on micro- and nanofabrication, electron microscopy, and spectroscopy techniques. 

The event saw six participants from the ASCENT+ Research Accelerator come together for two and a half days of lectures and demos. During the event, participants were given a chance to see first-hand the different processing steps involved in microfabrication: deposition, lithography/patterning, and etching and electron microscopy and spectroscopy: SEM, FIB, XPS and TEM.

The week’s highlight was an extended live demo of a microfabrication process inside the INL’s cleanroom. 

The INL team was pleased to share their knowledge and contribute to the training of these promising researchers. Overall, the event provided an excellent opportunity for researchers to come together and learn about the latest techniques in micro- and nanofabrication.

More about the project here.

Text by Margaret Costa, Chief Operations Officer for Research Core Facilities and Patricia Barroso, Communication, Conferences, and Marketing Officer

Photography by Andrea Gouvêa, Research Engineer, Micro and Nanofabrication Facility