INL REC – Research Ethics Committee – was presented to the INL community

January 26, 2024

Last Friday, January 19th 2024, the INL Research Ethics Committee (REC) was presented to the INL Community. The committee aims to promote research integrity and establish methodologies to foster an ethical environment. Throughout its beginnings, the REC has been working on its statutes, Code of Ethics, and procedures, to serve both INL researchers and consortia with whom we collaborate.

To consolidate an ethical culture in all aspects of research practice, the INL Code of Ethics, following the European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity, describes the 14 principles which guide their work: common good, excellence, professionalism, freedom, accountability, inventiveness, honesty, integrity, reliability, cooperation, loyalty, respect, fairness, and safety.

Following this event, INL plans to reinforce its commitment towards RRI – Responsible Research and Innovation, by indagating into each pillar defining RRI. We began the year 2024 with Ethics, aiming to then bring further awareness of the other pillars: Sustainability, Openness and Transparency, Equality, Science Education and Public Engagement.

For more information about RRI, and the INL REC, please visit our INL website.

Text by: Mariam Debs, Chief Operations Officer for the RTI Office
Photography by: Patrícia BarrosoCommunication, Conferences & Marketing Officer