INL Opens its doors to the public for a day of scientific exploration – #INLOPENDAY2024

March 26, 2024

INL – International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory invites you to a day of discovery and exploration on May 18, 2024, in Braga, Portugal. This exclusive event offers a unique opportunity to experience firsthand the cutting-edge research and innovation happening within our renowned institution.

Visitors will have the chance to meet our esteemed researchers and delve into the fascinating world of nanotechnology. Explore our state-of-the-art facilities, interact with our scientists, and learn about the groundbreaking projects shaping the future of science and technology.

At INL, we believe in the power of collaboration and community. This event not only showcases our commitment to excellence in research but also serves as a platform to strengthen our ties with the communities we serve.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all those who join us on this exceptional day of scientific discovery. Together, let us embark on a journey into the realm of science, where possibilities are boundless and innovation knows no bounds.

For more information and to register for this event, please click here.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of an enriching and inspiring experience at INL – International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory. We look forward to welcoming you!