The INL Summit 2022 is back and opens the debate on transitions

April 28, 2022

INL – International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory is organizing the International Conference between 20-21 June 2022. The INL SUMMIT 2022 aims to be an open and inclusive forum of exchange that enables the needed transitions and counts on a panel of multidisciplinary experts sharing the latest findings on new materials for sustainable solutions, disruptive computation, healthcare innovation, and other nanotech advances transforming our lives.

Nanotechnology is the major agent for /Transitions: from new materials for sustainable solutions to next-gen computation, the nanotech advances are transforming the World. The INL Summit 2022 will explore the latest findings on disruptive computation, foods for a sustainable tomorrow, healthcare innovation, the transition to an economy for one earth, the 2030 digital society, and the infrastructures of tomorrow.

Researchers, policy-makers, industry partners, and venture capital investors together in a program with invited talks, insightful roundtables, and networking opportunities.

This event will have a hybrid format and can be attended either online or in person at the International Iberian Institute of Nanotechnology (INL), in Braga, Portugal. 

The event is open to start-ups, industry, governmental agencies, and other relevant organisations, as well as students, research personnel and academia interested in nanotechnology at the forefront of change.

Join and register for free. Join a disruptive event powered by new ways of thinking!