INAM initiative to connect labs and market supported by INL

February 5, 2021

The INL – International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory is actively supporting the ideation workshop promoted by INAM – Innovation Network for Advanced Materials, aiming to close the gap between scientific research and the industry.

The initiative will take place next 24th of February, within INAM’s “Lab to Market” Program, covering topics such as the difference between innovation and invention, outcomes-driven approach, and a framework for problem-solving and generating use scenarios.

INL has been promoting the growth of an entrepreneurial drive among its researchers, and the effort has already been translated into the creation of several spin-out startups, offering innovative products and solutions.

A complete support program

The “Lab to Market” program supports and encourages researchers as well as future entrepreneurs to take their ideas out of the lab and see them on an industrial scale.

The application period goes from February 24th, following the workshop, to March 21st, 2021. Finalists will be selected a week afterwards and the program will begin on April 5th, ending with a Demo Day on April 22nd.

It will have various training and workshops including but not limited to pitch training with the INAM team, an IP Strategy Session, a market validation session with industry experts of the INAM network, and a session about public funding.

According to researcher Lorena Diéguez, the INL contact point for the initiative, “it promotes the interest and understanding of researchers and entrepreneurs in the transfer of technology to the market through various workshops that will help them understand the business potential of their scientific idea”.

You may find additional information about the launching event here: Lab to Market | INAM Berlin