Open House at INL – September 24-25

August 4, 2017


The INL International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory reopens its doors for another festival dedicated to Science and Nanotechnology in particular.

On September 24 and 25, INL researchers will show who they are and what they do. With fun and varied activities, scientists will explain where we can find solutions based on nanotechnology in the objects and situations of our everyday life.

There will be activities for children and adults. The program includes lectures, demonstrations, scientific experiments, exhibitions and plays activities for the little ones.

We promise to open a window on the daily lives of the many researchers working at INL from all over the world.

Physicists, chemists, biologists, engineers … all together will explain to you how nanotechnology, this invisible giant, has the potential to improve our lives and make our planet more sustainable.

Join us at this party dedicated to Science with lots of fun guaranteed.

The second day of the event, Monday, September 25, is reserved for organized groups from institutions (professional organizations, schools, social centers, etc.)

The program and registrations are available here