PITCCH is looking for SMEs to respond to Corporate Challenges launched by Big Corporations

January 22, 2021

PITCCH aims to set up a Pan-European Open Innovation Network where structured collaborations between big corporations (BC) and small and medium enterprises (SME) lead to the acceleration of innovative solutions based on advanced technologies. 

This unique Pan-European Open Innovation Network will act as a common arena where big corporations seeking for tech-solutions cooperate with SMEs and startups that can respond to their technological challenges, moderated by Innovation Intermediates, such as Research and Technology centres. 

PITCCH launches the first round of Corporate Challenges and holds a virtual event via YouTube on January 28, at 16:00 CET. SMEs and Startups that work with advanced technologies are welcome to join this occasion to explore unique and ground-breaking opportunities to collaborate with big corporations on open innovation projects.

Prof. Henry Chesbrough, the father of Open Innovation, will do the honour with a talk on ”Open Innovation for Industry Competitiveness”. Chesbrough teaches at the Haas School of Business at the University of California-Berkeley.  He is also Maire Tecnimont Professor of Open Innovation at Luiss University in Rome. He has written books such as Open Innovation (2003), Open Business Models (2006), Open Services Innovation (2011) and Open Innovation Results (2020).  

Following the talk, the first set of challenges will be presented by a group of big corporations, including Procter & Gamble, Repsol, Siemens Energy, Aptiv, EFACEC, Saint-Gobain, and SPIE. They will take the stage and present their corporate challenges, talk about their open innovation corporate strategies, share expectations from collaborative projects and answer questions from the audience.

  • P&G – “Plastic free” recyclable packaging for liquid detergents (Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology)

  • REPSOL – Lower Emissions by RON Increasement (LEBRON) (Industrial Biotechnology)

  • SIEMENS Energy – Carbon neutral process steam supply (Energy technologies)

  • APTIV – Eye See – Glasses for remote control (Advanced Manufacturing)

  • EFACEC – Smart Digital Transformer Management Solution (Digital technologies and Micro and Nano-electronics)

  • Saint Gobain – Tile grout as a ceramic (Advanced Materials)

  • SPIE –  ODYSSEE: Open Data systems for the building environment (Digital technologies)

This event is for everyone who wants to engage in the opportunities in advanced technologies and search for a collaborative project. At the end of the event, SMEs and startups will understand how to approach PITCCH corporate challenges, connect with big corporations, learn how to get business and financial support for their technological solutions bringing significant value to the future of their organisations and to the world of innovation.

PITCCH event is organised within the EU INDUSTRY WEEK 2021.