Prof. Paulo Freitas completed 15 years as INL Deputy Director General, the last interview

March 5, 2024

Welcome to our final interview with Professor Paulo Freitas, marking his remarkable 15-year tenure as Deputy Director General of INL (International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory). Throughout his tenure, Prof. Freitas has been instrumental in steering INL towards excellence in nanotechnology research and innovation.

In this interview, we’ll reflect on Prof. Freitas’s significant contributions, highlight key achievements during his tenure, and gain insights into the future of nanotechnology and scientific leadership.

Join us as we celebrate Prof. Freitas’s outstanding leadership and unwavering dedication to advancing nanotechnology on the global stage. Welcome to a conversation honouring 15 years of visionary leadership at INL.

Best wishes for the future, Prof. Paulo Freitas! May your path continue to be illuminated with success, fulfilment, and boundless opportunities. Your dedication, leadership, and contributions to the field of nanotechnology have been truly inspiring. Wishing you all the best in your future endeavours!

Text by Gina Palha, Corporate Communication and Marketing Officer