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Two dimensional magnetic semiconductors

Magnetic order is a routine instance in the world of 3D materials but it has been hard to find in 2D materials so far. This is in contrast with other types of electronic order, such as superconducting, ferroelectric and charge density waves that have been observed in 2D Materials indeed. This project will deliver the first two dimensional diluted magnetic semiconductor with ferromagnetic order at low temperatures, setting the foundations of a new class of 2D materials with large potential for nanotechnology.

This project brings together researchers from 2 portuguese institutions, INL and U. Minho, with UT Austin researchers from the Department of Physics to undertake the synthesis, characterization, magnetic measurements and modeling both of one of the paradigmatic layered semiconductors, MoS2 , doped with a small fraction (less than 10%) of magnetic atoms Fe and Gd. This will be accomplished both for bulk samples and their atomically thin counterparts, obtained by exfoliation. The systems so obtained will be analogous to standard diluted magnetic semiconductor (DMS), and are expected to order ferromagnetically at low temperatures. The fabrication of two dimensional crystal with magnetic order could permit, further down the road, its integration in the so called Van der Waals structures, multilayers of different 2D materials, to yield functional devices such as spin valves.

The project will start a new field of research in the fruitful area of 2D Materials, namely, diluted magnetic two dimensional semiconductors.

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99,450.00 €

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75,374.00 €

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99,450.00 €

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75,374.00 €

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UTAPEXPL/ NTec/0046/2017

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North of Portugal