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ATE - Aliança para a Transição Energética

The ATE Agenda aims to strengthen the competitiveness and resilience of companies in the energy sector as a result of the creation of innovative and export-oriented products and solutions, based on technology and know-how developed and consolidated in the sector, placing Portugal at the forefront of decarbonization and fostering an effective energy transition. ATE will make a significant and sustained contribution to national strategic objectives, such as increasing exports (443 M€), increasing investment in R&D (209.5M€), reducing emissions (3.4MtonCO2), as well as changing the economy's specialization profile (552 M€ sales). ATE involves a total of 55 companies, 27 ENESIIs, which will create a truly structuring ecosystem for the Energy Transition, which in addition to the planned PPS, will also involve the creation of more than 400 qualified jobs out of a total of 706, supported by a total investment of 342 M€ over the next 4 years.

In this Agenda, INL will collaborate directly with the following partner organizations: Associação C.C.G./ZGDV – Centro de Computaçao Gráfica; BrightCity S.A.; ChemiTek – Química Avançada, S.A.; EFACEC Energia – Máquinas e Equipamentos Eléctricos, S.A.; Exporlux-Iluminação, S.A.; IPVC – Instituto Politécnico de Viana do Castelo; INEGI – Instituto de Ciências e Inovação em Engenharia Mecânica e Engenharia Industrial; INESC-ID; INESC TEC – Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores, Tecnologia e Ciência; ISQ – Instituto de Soldadura e Qualidade; IST – Instituto Superior Técnico; IST-ID – Associação do Instituto Superior Técnico para a Investigação e Desenvolvimento; MC SHARED SERVICES S.A.; NOS COMUNICAÇÕES, S.A.; Sierra Portugal, S.A.; Smart Energy Lab – Association; Smartnergy PT2047 Unipessoal, Lda.; Universidade de Aveiro; Universidade de Évora; Vieira & Lopes, Lda.

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Total Eligible Budget

274,195,106.32 €

INL Eligible Budget

2,357,540.50 €

Total Funding

157,037,145.91 €

INL Funding

2,357,540.50 €

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