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Antiviral edible coating for fresh food

COVICOAT will impact in food safety, consumer trust and environment. The antiviral coating proposed will provide an extra layer of safety for raw products such as fruits and vegetables that will contribute to enhancing the EFSA hygiene guidelines regarding COVID-19. Due to other recent foodborne outbreaks, consumers are sensitive to the consumption of fresh food. Consumers need additional guarantees of food safety now more than ever: origin, traceability and certifications will need to be highlighted. That will affect countries such as Spain and Portugal where COVID-19 incidence was high, that are traditional exporters of fresh vegetables to the north of Europe. The commercialisation of coated fruits and vegetables with an anti-COVID solution will bring trust, having a positive impact on the exports of these countries. Regarding EIT Food objectives COVICOAT will contribute to overcome low consumer trust and to create consumer valued food for healthier nutrition

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511,123.00 €

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262,623.00 €

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236,360.70 €

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