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Graphenest’s New Engineered System and its Implementation Solutions

The market awareness to graphene and related materials has been growing steeply, as a result of promising results obtained in an experimental context. However, the application of these materials at an industrial scale has not yet been attained yet due to a number of constraints of the available production technologies, which can be generally resumed as an inability to simultaneously produce graphene in quantity, quality, and price, according to the needs of the industrial sector. Acknowledging this gap between the existing technologies and the industry needs, Graphenest has designed and developed an innovative technology, supported by a graphite exfoliation method in liquid phase using ultrasonic cavitation. Duly tested/validated at a laboratory scale, through the development of a prototype, Graphenest’s technology now needs further demonstration at a pre-industrial scale (and full industrial, at a later stage).

The GNESIS project emerges in this context, aiming at (i) assuring the scale-up of Graphenest’s technology into a pre-industrial scale and (ii) demonstrating the application of the graphene-based materials obtained from the referred technology in three different application areas, namely: anti-corrosion paints; polymers with electromagnetic shielding; and tactile screen electrodes. The GNESIS project will be promoted by a full consortium consisting of two companies with strong R&D skills – i.e., Graphenest (project leader) and Displax – as well as three entities from the Portuguese Research and Innovation System – i.e., the International Laboratory of Iberian Nanotechnology, University of Aveiro and University of Minho. In addition, the project will be attended by three national associated business partners – i.e., Bosch, CIN and Galp Energia – and an international one – the Chinese company Zhejiang Light-Tough Composite Materials.

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1,487,982.91 €

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371,866.17 €

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1,019,993.96 €

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278,899.63 €

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SI – Projetos em Copromoção

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North and Center of Portugal