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The ILLIANCE Agenda embodies a complex ecosystem of integrated projects aimed at addressing the goal of carbon neutrality associated with the building sector, which accounts for 40% of global CO2 emissions. The adopted approach focuses on the development of complementary technologies associated with 3 core pillars, namely: health, comfort, sustainability. The functional structure of ILLIANCE, developed in an integrated specialization logic, focuses on the design, development, and industrialization of new technologies in the field of electrifying the economy and harnessing sustainable and/or renewable electrical energy (e.g., heat pumps); the utilization of green hydrogen as an energy source (e.g., hybrid H2 combustion equipment); the exploration of new intelligent technological platforms for energy management; and intelligent solutions for the efficiency, functionality, and performance of buildings.

Under this Agenda, INL participates in the iNERGY project, aimed at providing buildings with intelligent systems capable of better managing the energy needs of the future. In particular, INL will be responsible for the development of a presence detection sensor.

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Total Eligible Budget

116,263,810.32 €

INL Eligible Budget

143,375.00 €

Total Funding

56,695,804.73 €

INL Funding

143,178.20 €

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