INL Cluster

Network of Micro and Nano Fabrication Research Facilities in Portugal

This infrastructure is part of the National Road Map of Strategic Interest Research Infrastructures at two different levels: first, it integrates the large infrastructures of micro- and nanofabrication, with clean rooms properly equipped for the manufacture and characterization of micro- and nanodevice technologies, various substrates with dimensions up to 200 mm in diameter, recognized potential for integration in major European networks, and capacity to provide services at national and international level; second, it integrates laboratories with microfabrication, design and characterization capabilities that operate in specific areas.

Micro&NanoFabs@PT presents itself as an infrastructure with high international penetration capability that benefits from the existence of a joint business plan and a governance model able to integrate the three national nodes (INL, INESC-MN and CMEMS-UMinho) and to provide advanced services to industry and scientific community and promoting accessibility to the infrastructure capabilities from a single contact point.

The infrastructure is proposed to strengthen integration and the ability of these three national nodes and simultaneously create an advanced training offer, produce and provide technology transfer services and promote the incubation of new startups in need of access to advanced services micro- and nanofabrication and design.

Currently the research community and the national industrial sector operating in connection with the broad spectrum of technologies offered by the infrastructure already benefit and occasionally use the micro and nanofabrication infrastructure provided by the institutions that make up the Micro&NanoFabs@PT network. By integrating and promoting design of advanced services and making accessible micro- and nanofabrication from anywhere through a single point, Micro&NanoFabs@PT highlights the uniqueness of the existing infrastructure, increases far beyond the sum of the parts the access opportunities for national and international business to the tools, encourages the use of services that are not available elsewhere, leverages innovation processes, nurtures these areas of research and globally promotes Portugal in the European context.

Total Eligible Budget

6,033,528.94 €

INL Eligible Budget

2,920,792.00 €

Total Funding

4,088,099.18 €

INL Funding

2,920,792.00 €

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SAICT – Infraestruturas Científicas (Entidades pré-qualificadas Roteiro)

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Lisbon and North of Portugal