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Transparency solutions for transforming the food system

The TITAN project will demonstrate the latest transparency related solutions to help drive the formation of a demand-driven European economy predicted on the production and consumption of healthy, sustainable, and affordable food. Comprising 27 partners from 14 countries (10 MS and 2 associated countries), TITAN will provide an extensive platform for the development of a wide range of innovations that aid transparency and address key challenges identified in the European Green Deal (EGD). With a broad mix of cuttingedge technology providers SMEs and start-ups, linked to leading research centres and agri-food stakeholders, TITAN, through dedicated business support together with a €1.25M open call, will provide a fertile breeding ground of ideas and solutions for businesses to thrive within the new strategy of the EGD. Through a co-creation approach, 15 innovative solutions including exploiting Blockchain, AI and IoT will be demonstrated in a first wave of TITAN transparency related innovations. These will be supplemented by a further wave of innovations on themes selected by stakeholders in an open call that will be open at the end of Year 1 of this four-year project. The new innovations will deliver transparency solutions in the areas of food safety and authenticity, traceability, health and sustainability and improving information to the consumer. The innovations will be supported by cross cutting WPs dedicated to transparency, ICT solutions, policy, business support, management and communication and dissemination. The project is led by industry facing, not-forprofit organisations with extensive outreach capabilities within Europe and beyond that will enhance the transferability and upscaling and impact of TITAN solutions and provide the building blocks of a demand-driven economy that provides healthy, sustainable, and accessible food for its citizens.

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12,291,733.75 €

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314,375.00 €

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314,375.00 €

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IA Innovation action

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CL6 – Food, Bioeconomy Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment

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