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VIIAFOOD - Plataforma de Valorização, Industrialização e Inovação comercial para o AgroAlimentar

The VIIAFOOD Agenda aims to promote the structural transformation of the Agrofood sector in line with the objectives established in the Sectorial Pact for the Competitiveness and Internationalization of the Agrofood Sector. It does so by creating a nationwide platform for the development of innovative products, processes, and services. This platform materializes in a concerted strategic plan with coordinated measures and actions oriented toward common sectoral goals. In this way, the VIIAFOOD Agenda seeks to strengthen collaboration among business entities in the Agroindustrial sector, cross-sectoral companies (related industries), and non-business entities (ENESII, associations, and CoLABs) that contribute or can contribute significantly to the Agrofood sector. The goal is to leverage the creation of synergies and the transfer of knowledge and technologies, thereby accelerating Research, Development, and Innovation (R&D&I) within the context of the Agrofood sector.

In this Agenda, INL will collaborate directly with the following partner organizations: Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade do Porto; IBERSOL – Restauarção, S.A.; ICM – Indústrias de Carnes do Minho, S.A.; MC SHARED SERVICES S.A.; Primor Charcutaria-Prima, S.A.; Silvex – Indústria de Plásticos e Papéis, S.A.; Universidade do Minho.

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113,739,250.88 €

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1,166,686.61 €

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57,872,203.29 €

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1,166,686.61 €

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