Atomic Manipulation for Quantum Nanotechnology (AMQN)

Atomic Manipulation for Quantum Nanotechnology (AMQN)

The Atomic Manipulation for Quantum Nanotechnology (AMQN) group is dedicated to creating novel two-dimensional materials and nanomaterials for the state-of-the-art magnetic, electronic, optoelectronic, electrochemical and energy applications. We focus on probing the structure-property interplay of low-dimensional material systems at the atomic scale so as to fulfill atomic manipulation of quantum nanostructures by combining (scanning) transmission electron microscopy, spectroscopy, first-principles calculations and property assessment. Scientifically, special attention is given to a range of defects and interfaces in 2D materials and nanomaterials and how they mediate material property shift at the atomic scale, aiming at tackling fundamental material issues in a broad range of functional material systems. By atomistic design based on first-principles calculations, we aim to develop new functional material systems by a series of preparation methods, e.g. chemical vapor deposition (CVD), chemical vapor transport (CVT), molecular beam epitaxy (MBE), and apply them to fabricate advanced electronic, optoelectronic, and energy devices.

Research lines:

  • Development of ferroelectric and ferromagnetic 2D materials
  • Development of prototype information storage devices and integrated chips at nanometre scale based on atomically thin 2D materials
  • Development of 2D materials for energy storage
  • Fundamental research on quantum electron transport in confined systems and ferroelectric and magnetism in reduced dimensions





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