Natural and Artificial Photonic Structures and Devices (NAPS)

Natural and Artificial Photonic Structures and Devices (NAPS)

Light-matter interaction is the basis of some of the most fascinating phenomena in nature. It is also key for cutting-edge technologies making photonics one of the most thriving industries worldwide.  At NAPS we use a highly multidisciplinary approach to investigate novel strategies for the manipulation of light-matter interactions based on micro and nano-structuration.  We are particularly passionate about biological and bioinspired systems where classical and quantum concepts f light-matter interaction are mixed, in particular those with implications for light-harvesting.

Research Lines:

  • Natural materials for advanced photonic applications 
  • Biomimetic photonics for substitution of raw-critical materials in quantum technologies and energy harvesting
  • Integration of atomically thin materials in photonic devices

Working at interfaces between physics, biology and material science, our research often requires developing of advanced optical characterization techniques for which we built upon the strong background in optics characterization and photonics modelling and design of our team. We are also interested in different aspects of 2D materials integration for photonic applications.



Towards biomimetic photosynthetic photonics