Seminar on 3D imaging of thick biological specimens with cryo-STEM, by Michael Elbaum

July 15, 2022

A Seminar: 3D imaging of thick biological specimens with cryo-STEM powered by IMpaCT project by Michael Elbaum will take place at INL – International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory Auditorium & Online on July 28, at 10:00 WEST.

CryoEM has sparked a revolution in structural biology with the atomic-scale resolution of biological macromolecules. Another revolution is underway at the level of the biological cell. The study of beam-sensitive materials at micron thickness brings new challenges.

Tomography is required, implying repeated exposures, and the conventional modality of energy-filtered, wide-field TEM is poorly suited to thick specimens. We show that STEM offers unique advantages in this realm, including dose efficiency, convenient incorporation of analytical techniques, and semi-quantitative interpretation of contrast. A quadrant detector provides phase and depth contrast from single scans additionally.

This unique seminar will survey the methods and a number of key applications lectured by Michael Elbaum. He has been at the Weizmann Institute of Science since 1995, first in the Department of Materials and Interfaces and now in the Chemical and Biological Physics Department. Michael’s lab is now fully dedicated to cryo-tomography. Michael Elbaum was awarded an ERC Advanced Grant that started in 2022.

You can access the seminar by following this link.