Soft4Sense, Optimising Manufacturing Processes

February 9, 2023

‘Industry 4.0’ is currently one of Europe’s main topics for research and innovation. In recent years, massive efforts are being made to improve the quality of available data in the Industry, which may influence the optimisation and efficiency of the manufacturing processes.

The project Soft4Sense aims to develop a new software able to provide the necessary information to optimise manufacturing processes. In particular, Soft4Sense is focused on depositing a thin film multi-layered sensor, thus overcoming the typical mechanical and electrical integrity problems.

The proposed solution is software that assists in the deposition of multilayer stacks with the appropriate conditions for achieving a reliable and reproducible product. Soft4Sense intends to develop technology for sensing systems based on thin films produced by sputtering (nano-and micro-technologies), using materials and solutions not yet applied in the Industry sector.

With the obtained results, Soft4Sense aims to increase the efficiency of manufacturing processes, decrease the energy consumption during the manufacturing processes, and reduce the environmental impact, not only with the reduction of the energy consumption but also by reducing the lubricants used in the processes.

The Soft4Sense consortium was established with three research and development partners: INL – International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory, IPN and UT Austin and an industrial partner (TEandM).