Hydrogen as a key element for a carbon-neutral Europe

October 23, 2020


The pressure for the implementation of viable and affordable alternatives to fossil fuels was never so intense. The pandemic accelerated a trend of change in the society that calls for higher respect towards nature in contrast to the harm that successive generations caused.

The INL Hydrogen Summit 2020 invites everyone to discuss how hydrogen will become part of the solution that will lead to Europe’s carbon neutrality by 2050, the goal officially established by the European Union. The first step to it is political will. In the opening session, INL joined the Portuguese Minister of Science, the officials from the European Commission, Portugal, and Spain, to provide an update on the strategy for hydrogen at a national and continent level.

In the first session, the discussion will gather European specialists on the hydrogen generation and applications, namely in mobility and transportation, which is still one of the main sources of air pollution in Europe. To close the first day of the event, INL invited Industry representatives to share their views on the viability of adopting hydrogen as a clean alternative to the current energy sources, in a session that will continue in the morning of the second day with a new set of invited speakers.

The role of member-states strategies for the overall European strategy will be the topic for the session II, regarding the European Network for Hydrogen, a panel that includes also the perspective of an automaker on the need to have a working refuelling network, similar to the one we have for gasoline and diesel.

To close the Hydrogen Summit 2020, we will highlight the relevance of research and technology organizations such as INL to be included in the process, by giving way to methods of generation and more efficient applications for this clean energy source.

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