EuroNanoForum 2021 calls for the central role of Nanotechnology in Europe’s Green Deal goals

April 21, 2021

The EURONANOFORUM 2021 is an important annual conference that will address the role of nano-enabled technologies and industries in the transformation towards EU prosperity. The event will bring forward the role of research and innovation, as well as the opportunities offered by the EU’s next framework programme, Horizon Europe and will bring together experts across different sectors to identify policy options and priorities.

In addition to sharing insight on technical, industrial and social challenges, views and ideas will be discussed on the role of nanotechnology and advanced materials on EU recovery. The different solutions for boosting the economy through clean technology will be examined, highlighting their benefits and practical challenges, with regards to safety, health and environment, as well as ethical and societal issues.

It is already a given that the technology leaps we need will not be achieved with the solutions we already know. That is why Nanotechnology is so important because it is one of the main key enabling technologies and it has been working on the new solutions that Europe in particular needs to achieve its objectives and be competitive without practising environmental dumping

Climate, Environment, and Natural Resources session is one of the most relevant ones in our program because it is directly linked to the ambitious Green Deal goal that the current Presidency of the European Commission established, of turning Europe into the first carbon-neutral continent by 2050.

We aim to discuss systemic approaches to deliver tangible benefits on the European Green Deal actions for climate, ecosystems, biodiversity, zero pollution, and perspectives to reaching across the Horizon Europe missions. A range of concrete policy measures is needed to support the achievement of ambitious decarbonization targets and this transition to climate neutrality will also depend on the development of a comprehensive and integrated industrial strategy.

To this end, there are promising advances in the domains of nanotechnology and Advanced Materials contributing significantly to CO2 capture and conversion and environmental and climate protection by saving critical raw materials, energy, and water as well as by reducing greenhouse gases and hazardous wastes.

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