Why Health and Wellbeing will increasingly rely on Nanotechnology?

April 29, 2021

Improving the health and wellbeing of European citizens is more important than ever, with attention currently focused on addressing COVID-19.

The pandemic provides a stark example of the complex links between the environment, our social systems, and our health. However, we acknowledge that we have made great progress against several leading causes of death and disease. Life expectancy has increased dramatically; infant and maternal mortality rates have declined, we’ve turned the tide on HIV, and malaria deaths have halved.

Good health is essential to sustainable development and the 2030 Agenda reflects the complexity and interconnectedness of both.

It takes into account widening economic and social inequalities, rapid urbanization, threats to the climate and the environment, the continuing burden of infectious diseases, and emerging challenges such as non-communicable diseases.

Universal health coverage will be integral to achieving Sustainable Development Goal 3, ending poverty and reducing inequalities. Emerging global health priorities not explicitly included in the SDGs, including antimicrobial resistance, also demand action.

But the world is off-track to achieve the health-related SDGs. Progress has been uneven, both between and within countries. There’s a 31-year gap between the countries with the shortest and longest life expectancies. And while some countries have made impressive gains, national averages hide that many are being left behind.

Multisectoral, rights-based and gender-sensitive approaches are essential to address inequalities and to build good health for all.

At the EuroNanoForum 2021, we aim at creating awareness about the relationship between the ecosystems and the health systems to build a more resilient and healthier Europe, in particular, regarding common goals for the implementation of a mission‐oriented approach to cancer in Horizon Europe.

To this aim, we are bringing together several healthcare stakeholders to debate the range of possibilities that Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials offer to repair the human body, prevent pathologies and monitor health conditions, share best practices and break down the barriers that prevent product innovations from reaching both patients and the wider population.

Join us for this important discussion at the EuroNanoForum and let’s initiate together a new approach to the EU Agenda on Health, Wellbeing and Nanotrchnology. The event is approaching but you are still able to join! Registration is FREE but mandatory, and we are waiting for you!